Birthday Parties

Bee Sporty birthday parties offer an unforgettable day for your child and a hassle free option for the parents.

You organise the venue and the food and leave the rest to us! We travel across Central Scotland providing action packed parties guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of the birthday child and their friends.

Our parties are a great alternative to soft play parties and are the perfect way to entertain large groups of children. We play a variety of fun imaginative games with the children using a range of sporting equipment. We tailor each party to your child so if your child has a favourite game or sport let us know and we can incorporate this into their party.

We also offer the option for themed parties:

Our superhero themed games delve into the exciting world of superheroes, where your child will throw laser balls at the bad guys, knock down the villain’s energy source and play one of our all time favourite games ‘Capture the Cape.’

Our Pirate themed parties are a swashbuckling adventure where our young buccaneers will navigate shark infested waters, throw cannonballs to stop naughty pirates and, of course, steal treasure!

What Parents Say

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After my daughter’s 4th birthday party we had so many messages from friends commenting on how much their children had enjoyed the Bee Sporty Games. The coaches made my daughter feel really special and she is already asking whether she can have a Bee Sporty Party again next year!

Jennifer, Mum of Olivia aged 4
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Our son’s Bee Sporty party was a welcome change from soft play parties which we have held in previous years. It was a great way to entertain a large group of kids and a wide range of ages, we had relatives ranging from 2- 10 years old and they all had a great time. The coaches were very professional and engaging and I would highly recommend the Bee Sporty Team to other parents.

David, Dad of Aaron aged 7
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We had a Bee Sporty party for my son’s 5th birthday and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Jacob loved the superhero themed games and the energy and enthusiasm of the coaches meant that all the kids had a ball!

Lisa, Mum of Jacob aged 5

Book your party now

Get in touch to check availability and to book your party. If you let us know the date(s) you have in mind and a rough estimate of how many children you will have attending we can start working with you to tailor make a party package that the birthday child will love!

Birthday Party FAQs

How do I book a party?

Get in touch via email or facebook to check availability. To secure your date we would require a £30 deposit. We will then email you a party booing form to complete to give us all the information we require to plan an unforgettable party for your child.

How much are Bee Sporty parties?

Please click here for more information on our party prices.

What ages are the parties suitable for?

Bee Sporty parties are a great option for children aged three to 10 years old. However younger guests can enjoy a lot of our games with a little help from an adult, and older children also tend to love our games.

What sort of games do you play?

We play a variety of exciting, active games which get the children running around and having lots of fun. We have selected the most popular games from our classes that we know work well with large groups of children and that they will love. We use imaginative concepts for our games to keeo the children engaged, so the children may be crossing a swamp avoiding a hungry crocodile, or pirates trying to steal treasure.

We tailor each party for the individual child, taking into account their age, the age range of their guests and the number of children involved. If your child has a particular sport or game they enjoy let us know and we’ll incorporate that into their party.

What is the format of a Bee Sporty party?

The standard format of our 90 minute package is 40 minutes of games, a 20 minute break for food followed by a further 30 minute session.

Our 2 hour package will include 50 minutes of games, a 25-30 minute break followed by another 40 minutes of activities.

These formats are just a guideline and we are happy to adapt this to accommodate your requirements in terms of timings and length of breaks.

Do you play traditional party games?

It is our choice whether traditional party games are included and this is something we will check with you before we plan your childs party. We can provide prizes for the games at an additional cost or this is something you can supply yourself.

What is the minimum/maximum number of children for a party?

The minimum number we would require for our games to be enjoyed by the birthday child and their guests is 5 children.

We have no maximum number, we can accommodate 40+ children, we would just require an appropriate number of coaches and an appropriately sized venue.

Can a party be shorter/ longer than the time stated on the party info?

While our standard party packages are 90 mins and 2 hours, we tailor make a plan for each party to suit the number of guests, average age of the guests and the preferences of the birthday child, so it is no problem to tailor the timings of the party to meet your requirements.

Could we arrange for a mascot to come?

Of course! We are happy to work with your and any other entertainment suppliers to discuss timings to make sure everything runs smoothly and your child has an amazing party

What do I need to arrange for party?

You will need to arrange a venue for the party. We will take care of entertaining the little ones, so all you need to worry about on the day is food and drinks, a birthday cake and any decorations you would like to have in the venue.

Do I need to hire a sports hall?

No, we have hosted lots of parties in various venue from church halls to Hotel function suites. All the children need is adequate space for the children to run about and play games.

Book your party now

Get in touch to check availability and to book your party. If you let us know the date(s) you have in mind and a rough estimate of how many children you will have attending we can start working with you to tailor make a party package that the birthday child will love!